RayMas® Non-contact Solids Flow Meter

A "non-contact" flow meter for measurement of solid particulate flow through process transfer lines

This new development in mass flow metering technology is known as the RayMas® meter, i.e., proprietary and patented non-contact solid flow metering technology. The RayMas® meter measures the mass flow (such as pounds/hour) of a solid particulate in a conduit (pipe, tube, etc.).   The RayMas® meter simply consists of the following components: a flow tube, a sensor, and controls/instrumentation as illustrated in Figure 1 below.


  • Non-contact flow meter
  • No obstructions to flow or buildup
  • No moving parts
  • Low maintenance, simple and rugged design
  • Easy to install with end connections to match your process piping
  • Totally enclosed construction. Industrial or food applications
  • Easy to service with easy accessibility.
  • Accuracy from 2% to 10% or better with proper installation and calibration
  • Accuracy to 0.5% or better have been achieved on some products
  • Versatile use: can be used as a flow meter, as a batch meter, can be used with controls to ratio process streams for blending and mixing
  • Easy way to capture inventory data for keeping quality records. Records data can be collected on incoming raw materials, in-process streams, and final product shipments

RayMas Non-contact Solids Flow Meter

Fig. 1: RayMas® Solids Flow Meter,
Simplified Schematic Representation

Referring to the simplified representation of the RayMas® non-contact solids particulate flow meter, Figure 1., the sensor transmits a low energy microwave to the particulate matter passing through a flow tube. The intensity of the reflected Doppler-shifted energy is measured by the sensor converting it into a 4-20 mA signal. This signal is then converted by a unique algorithm in the computer/instrumentation to mass flow rate, such as pounds per hour of particulate material.

RayMas® measures the intensity of reflected Doppler-shifted energy, which is based upon velocity & flow quantity of material. Thus only moving material is measured and build-up has little influence upon the meter. In RayMas® solids flow meter, a proprietary design is used coupled with a unique algorithm to provide a meter with mass flow rate and totalizer (quantity) measurement capabilities for each particular material to be metered. Gravity flow type and pneumatic flow type of meters are available but experience has shown that the gravity flow type to be the most easily adapted to applications.

Potential Application

The industrial market has many applications for segments such as: chemical, plastics, petroleum, utility (power plants), food, pharmaceutical, cement, mining, precision farming, and others for a gravity type mass flow meter or a pneumatic conveying type of mass flow meter applications. As the new Raymas® non-contact solids mass flow meter continues to improve from refinements and upgrades via technology, the market potential and need for such process innovation in metering instrumentation will continue to be of much interest.

The RayMas® meter is new technology and of unique and proprietary design. Final accuracy of the RayMas® meter depends upon the material being measured and the particular installation. Gravity flow applications produce a more reliable mass flow reading compared to Pneumatic flow applications. In particular, a pneumatic flow application has more variables for a particular installation such as gas flow conditions and suspension of particulates in the conveying line. Some RayMas® meters in commercial installations on such solid particulate materials as [0.5-1.5 micron mineral Ore, ground processed Corn, wet Corn byproduct material, Green Oats] are shown below:

Click each image to view the installation.


  • Nominal ducting or piping sizes, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, (larger sizes at request of customer)
  • Output, large LED display of flow rate
  • Output, large LED display of flow quantity, totalizer
  • Output, Hi/Lo relays (2)
  • Power input, 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption, about 20 VA
  • Area classifications per requirements of customer
  • Instrumentation customized to requirements of customer

Performance Data

Click here to view performance data in PDF format.

“RayMas” is a registered trademark of GYCO, Inc.

RayMas® meter has U.S. Patent No. 5,986,553, U.S. Patent No. 6,404,344, U.S. Patent No. 7,310,046, Canadian Patent No. 2,207,132, Canadian Patent No. 2,322,375 and Canadian Patent No. 2,555,546.